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Activist Groups Urge Obama to Reject Boy Scout Honor

From Fox News:

Activist groups, including Scouting for All, urge President Obama not to accept the honorary Presidency of the Boy Scouts of America until they stop discriminating.

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Action Alert
for Immediate Distribution
January 30, 2005


Perry Slone, Director
Beacon Fellowship Columbus, OH

Scott Cozza, Pres.
Scouting for All

Boy Scouts of America's Simon Kenton Council Attempts to Mislead the United Way of Central Ohio to Get Funding

Some BSA scout council's will say they won't discriminate out of one side of their mouth to secure funding; to get reduced city owned/tax payer building space fees; use of public schools and government lands. Out of the other side of their mouth they say they won't discriminate and from the other side of their mouth they say they follow the Boy Scouts of America's national policy of discrimination against gay and atheist youth and adults.

As one example of many, we see this with the Cradle of Liberty Council in Philadelphia. They have even kicked out an 18 year old scout for being gay and atheist and now tell the Mayor and city council they don't discriminate to secure rent free city owned building use. And both the mayor and city council have turned a deaf ear to those of us who have pointed out this hypocrisy and violation of the city of Philadelphia's own anti-discrimination regulations to them.

Scouting for All is asking that we not allow ourselves to be deceived by the Boy Scouts of America. There is absolutely NO BSA Scout Council that has defied the BSA's national policy of discrimination. This means that no gay or atheist child or adult can feel safe as a member of the Boy Scouts of America nor can they join this youth outdoor program. They must hide who they are or be discovered and then kicked out.

This is beyond belief, that this is occurring in America! Segments of American society have to hide who they are out of fear of retaliation!

Let's STOP funding bigotry in America with tax payer money!

Let's support Beacon Fellowship of Columbus, Ohio, a Scouting for All Alliance for Human Rights member who calls for the United Way of Columbus, Ohio to STOP funding the Boy Scouts of America's Simon Kenton Council."

Scott Cozza, Pres. Scouting for All

January 30, 2005

For Immediate Release and Distribution........

Beacon Fellowship Columbus has learned that the Simon Kenton Council of the Boy Scouts of America signed a required non-discrimination statement with the United Way of Central Ohio (UWCO) in order to receive funding from the agency. But the Council also sent a "clarification" letter saying that the organization "will not unlawfully discriminate against anyone". The BSA maintains that it has the right to select its own volunteers based upon its own policies.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that the BSA can legally discriminate against gay adults and gay youths. The BSA also excludes atheists, theists, and free-thinkers from the organization. Some United Way agencies throughout the country have either reduced or stopped funding the BSA and its Councils because of the policy of discrimination. The Simon Kenton Council received nearly $500,000 from the United Way of Central Ohio last

"The United Way needs to stop funding bigotry and give that money to agencies that do not discriminate against people because of their religious beliefs or non-beliefs and/or sexual orientation" says Perry Slone, Beacon Director. "This is an attempt to circumvent the official policy of the UWCO that all other agencies are required to follow" Slone says.

UWCO requires the agencies it funds to sign a statement that prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, veteran status or socioeconomic status.

The United Way Board of Directors will decide at their meeting on February 22, 2005 if they will accept the "clarification" letter from the Council and continue funding them.

We encourage you to send letters or make phone calls to the UWCO. Tell them to stand up against bigotry and discrimination and ask them to deny funds to the Simon Kenton Council or any other BSA council or group on the grounds that they discriminate and such discrimination not only violates United Way policy, but is morally wrong and sends the wrong message to the kids in the BSA:

Attn: Board of Directors
United Way of Central Ohio
360 South Third Street
Columbus OH 43215

Beacon Fellowship Columbus
PO Box 10814, Columbus OH 43201
614-302-4948 (Monday-Friday 2-6pm)
E-mail us at
Perry Slone, Director

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