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Activist Groups Urge Obama to Reject Boy Scout Honor

From Fox News:

Activist groups, including Scouting for All, urge President Obama not to accept the honorary Presidency of the Boy Scouts of America until they stop discriminating.

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Michael P. Pusillo Father of a Gay Eagle Scout Writes to Steven Spielberg

April 20, 2001

Mr. Steven Spielberg
P.O. Box 8520
Universal City, Ca 91608

Dear Mr. Spielberg:

I would like to congratulate you on your recent decision to leave the Advisory Board of the BSA. This move took courage and I applaud you!

As the father of a "gay" Eagle Scout, I can only hope that your leaving will help to bring change to the BSA and end the hurtful discrimination that is practiced daily by the BSA.

My son was expelled from the same council that threw out James Dale. Ironically, my son, Scott was thrown out on the day of the Supreme Court decision upholding the BSA right to discriminate.

My son is the Northeast Regional Director for Scouting for All, an organization, which I support and would hope, you would support ( I am extremely proud of my son and support him. I am also very proud of Steven Cozza, the youth that started Scouting for All. Steven is a straight 16-year-old Eagle Scout. I recently had occasion to travel to California and visited with Steven and his family. We became very close on this trip and I consider the Cozza family as an extended family of mine. Steven is genuine in his belief that the BSA's exclusionary rule hurts youths and adults as well. Stevens troop was not supportive of him and his dad and threw his dad Scott Cozza out for supporting his son. I cannot imagine the hurt that that has caused both of them. Steven has started a petition to get the BSA to change is rules and not discriminate. Please go online and sign Stevens petition. A film as been made "Scout's Honor" and I am sure that if you were to contact Scouting for All, they would be honored to send you a copy. Being a filmmaker you will appreciate the truly genuine effort being made by
this organization.

I have written you on numerous occasions, announcing Eagle Scouts from my troop in Freehold, NJ and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your timely response and letters. I read your letter at each Eagle Scout ceremony and I can tell you that the audience is amazed that a gentleman of your stature can take the time to write a personal letter to each of these boys. Myself and the families of the scouts in Troop 150, hold you in the highest regard. Troop 150 has supported my son and has never thrown him out. It was only by order of the local Boy Scout Council that he was removed from the charter. Scott is still welcome at troop meetings and has even been involved in numerous Eagle Scout ceremonies, including reading the Eagle Charge.

I wear both my "Eagle Dad" pins proudly, as I have two sons that attained the rank of Eagle Scout. I wear a rainbow ribbon behind the "Eagle Dad" pin that Scott presented me with in support of him. I have been given the Evil Eye by some and congratulated by others for wearing this ribbon. I will continue to wear the ribbon and support my "gay Eagle Scout".

Once again, thank you for your recent decision and all the support you have given Scouting.


Michael P. Pusillo
New Jersey



Scouting For All is not an alternative scouting program.
We are an education and advocacy organization reaching out to gay and nontheist youth and adults in our effort to get the Boy Scouts of America to rescind its exlusionary policy.

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