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CVS/Pharmacy Stores: America's #1 Pharmacy Online STOPPED Funding Funding the Boy Scouts of America

For Immediate Release....Contact Beacon....Please distribute widely

Last week, CVS Inc, which owns 4,133 drug stores in 31 states and the District of Columbia, including Columbus and Ohio, announced that the company will no longer provide funding for the Boy Scouts of America because of the BSA's policy of discrimination against gay youth and adults.

As expected, the religious right has launched an attack against CVS, claiming not only that by withholding its support, CVS is in violation of the Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the BSA policy of discrimination, but also claiming that such actions also violate "biblical principals and truths". Funny how these homophobes would say that, but have no qualms themselves about
working to violate and deny even basic civil rights for GLBT citizens.

Beacon, an Interfaith social justice organization, encourages YOU to contact your local CVS drug store and let the management know that you support their courageous stand against social injustice. You can also go to their website at, click on the "contact us" icon, and sent CVS an e-mail message of support. You know that the enemies of freedom and equality are already bombarding CVS with negative comments. Feel free to send us a copy of your e-mail message if you wish to.

You can also call their corporate consumer hotline toll free at 1-888-607-4287 as well as send a letter of support to their corporate office at:

CVS Corp.
One CVS Drive
Corporate Headquarters
Woonsocket RI, 02895

We'd also like to say "thank you" to those who have already contacted CVS and expressed your support for their stand against bigotry and discrimination. Keep up the good work!

Remember, things won't change until we stand together against social injustice!

PO Box 10814
Columbus OH 43201
Website: click here BEACON FELLOWSHIP

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