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March 17, 2002

National Headquarter Boy Scouts of America
PO Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

To the Executive Board:

 We, the volunteer leaders of Cub Scout Pack 97 affirm our commitment to Scouting's traditional values of reverence, patriotism, and service to others - values that, in our loud commercial culture of self-indulgence and instant gratification, provide an alternate path for the healthy growth of our sons. However, it is from our very commitment to these values that we - at the risk of losing our Pack altogether - do wholeheartedly reject as uncompassionate, unjust, and un-American the National Executive Board's Resolution of February 6, 2002 compelling all Packs, Troops, and Councils in every part of the country to expel scouts and exclude leaders, not for any misconduct or immoral behavior, but simply because of their sexual orientation.
 Whether a scout or adult leader is "gay" or "straight," openly or privately, is of no more meaning or concern to our Pack than if they are left-handed, double-jointed, or descended from royalty - and has absolutely no bearing on, nor relevance to, whether that scout or scout leader is "clean" or "morally straight." We do not share, will not abide by, and refuse to perpetuate the Board's outdated and hurtful prejudice, based not on any science or enlightened theology, but solely on the dark and disproved myths of the frightened and uninformed.
 The Executive Board is tragically mistaken if it sees itself as sheltering the flame of Scouting's timeless tradition against the winds of permissiveness and disorder; as the opposite is clearly true. It is the Packs, Troops, and Councils who refuse to block the doorway, who refuse to exclude leaders and expel scouts arbitrarily, who refuse to teach boys timidity by complying with bigotry who are the true keepers of the Scouting tradition; and if their light is not permanently extinguished by your resolution of aggressive action, we pray it will one day be passed back to a new national leadership that no longer embraces fear.


Frank Deese - Cubmaster, Pack 97 - Leader, Den 6
Julie Kassan - Committee Chair, Pack 97 - Leader, Den 1
Caroline Lagerfelt - Former Committee Chair - Leader, Den 3
Anita Lampert - Advancement Secretary
Melanie Gironda - Leader, Den 4
Robert Vigman - Leader, Den 5
Steve Gallardo - Treasurer

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