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Born Again Christian Eagle Scout Speaks Out Against The Discrimination Of The Boy Scouts Of America

June 2002

Dear Steven,

My name is David Roberts, Eagle Scout for Life, but not admitting to it since the policy regarding gays in Scouting came out. I didn't know who I was while in scouts; but I did know what was going on in tents during camp outs and at scout camp. I didn't know why, at the time I enjoyed being active in my troop, in my Explorer Post, and in the Order of the Arrow as Lodge Chief, Section Chief, and on the staff of the Philmont Trek first year. Now I know it is because I was comfortable hanging out with the guys.

I would never think of having sexual relations with the guys that I worked with or instructed while working at scout camp.

The thoughts that all gays are perverts is completely wrong.

I feel that I am a Born Again Christian and that the teachings of the Bible are true only misunderstood. As long as we homosexuals are monogamous and stick with our partners we are being true to God.

I don't support the Boy Scouts any longer. I am ashamed to admit to all my activity in the past with the organization. I ADMIRE YOUR COURAGE AND STRENGTH TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS ORGANIZATION AND
YOUR COMMITTMENT. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again and may God bless your heart and your activities from now to eternity.

David M. Roberts
Former Eagle Scout
Vigil Honour Member Order of the Arrow
Brownville, NY Troop 2

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