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Darrell Lambert's Troop Came To Bat For Him

Here's a copy of the letter Troop 1531 sent to the local scout executive. We should get it on the web site if we haven't already. It us unfortunate the chartering organization is not supportive.


Troop 1531, Boy Scouts of America
Port Orchard Washington

October 30, 2002

Mr. Brad Farmer, Scout Executive
Chief Seattle Council
PO Box 440408
Seattle, WA 98114-4408

Dear Mr. Farmer:

This letter is being submitted by Troop 1531 leaders, scouts, and concerned parents on behalf of Darrell Lambert, Eagle Scout.

As you are aware Darrell and his beliefs have caused quite a controversy, placing him at odds with Chief Seattle Council, and The Boy Scouts of America. The purpose of this correspondence is to provide you the opportunity to see Darrell as we see him, an Eagle Scout.

Troop 1531 disagrees with Chief Seattle Council's decision to refuse renewal and application for Adult Leader training, based on Darrell not believing in a Supreme Being. Questioning his own spirituality has never had any negative impact on our scouts or any scouting function that he has been involved in. He has always been respectful of others and their beliefs.

Because he has the desire and ability to question himself and his beliefs, he should not be castigated. By terminating the Boy Scouts of America membership of a nineteen-year-old, Eagle Scout what is really gained? Our scouts lose a positive role model, our troop loses a leader, and scouting loses a scouting ambassador for life.

At a time when our scouts are being pushed and pulled in so many directions, Darrell has been the driving force in keeping their interest and enthusiasm in scouting up. He is their mentor, leader, and in some cases the only positive male role model in their

Darrell has been involved in scouting for ten years. Since his involvement with Troop 1531 he has held every position of responsibility, some more than once.

In 1999 he joined Explorer Search and Rescue, earning Team Leader Certification, currently working towards Field Leader in Training. In 2001 Darrell received his Eagle Award, and unlike many that have preceded him that did not end his involvement in troop activities.

In high school he was actively involved with FFA, leadership competitions, statewide sports medicine competition, with almost 780 hours of community service to his credit.

Darrell continues to assist as a staff person at weekend camps for Trail of the Eagle, Fall Camporee, providing training on scouting skills and merit badges.

During this last summer, Darrell fought wildfires in the western United States.

Darrell's questioning of his spirituality is not a reflection of Troop 1531's spirituality belief system. We are supporting Darrell as the outstanding citizen he has become, as a young man who is questioning life, and growing with the values that Scouting has
instilled in him. To remove him from Boy Scouts would be waste of a respected adult leader at a time when good leaders are few and far between.

It is the sincere wish of all the signatories of this letter that Chief Seattle Council reconsider the termination of Eagle Scout Darrell Lambert's membership in the Boy Scouts of America.

[Names withheld]

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