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Another Supporter of The Boy Scouts of America And Scouting for All's Response

May 6, 2003

  Steven, you are a fool.  You are an Eagle Scout and have been taught what that small pin represents.  You, above all people, should realize why avowed homosexuals should not be allowed into the BSA.  You, more than the normal populace of the United States, should understand the principles that the Boy Scouts of America were founded upon. They were founded upon the principles of the Holy Bible, hence the zealous religious themes in the law and oath. 

You claim, on your website, that the Boy Scouts of America is homophobic and ignorant. There is a difference between homophobic, phobic meaning blind fear and hate of something, and a deliberate denial of another individual's personal choice.  The BSA is not homophobic, they simply do not agree with the homosexual community's lack of spiritually based morals.

You constantly remind everyone on your webpage that you are an Eagle Scout, which means you must think yourself reverent. Have you even read the Bible? Obviously you have not, because even one so endowed with an intellect such as yours would understand this passage from Leviticus 18 Verse 22.  It reads, "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is
detestable." Having sex with members of the same sex is detestable Steven, plain and simple.  So, do you lie concerning your adherence to the principles of God, or are you simply seeking attention?  One other thing, you state that a principle of Boy Scouts is respecting and defending the rights of all people, but are you, with your campaign, defending my right to free
association?  That right is guaranteed by the Constitution, a document greater than your speeches will ever be. Are you defending my right to not be forced to associate with an adult who would serve as an opposite to everything my parents and God have taught me to believe?  Homosexuality is wrong Steven.  Despite any  arguments you make, it is wrong. I will not be subjected to your doctrines every Monday night when I drive down to a scout meeting.

In conclusion, your arguments are flawed. If someone wants to have sex with another man, that is his choice.  It does not mean, however, that it is right or acceptable. I choose not to accept it as right.  The BSA chooses not to accept it as right. Neither of us will be forced to accommodate you due to my personal rights of free association and due to the BSA's right to exclude anyone who does not follow the basic principles laid down by the National Council and by GOD. I feel ashamed that you would so pervert what it means to be an Eagle Scout.

Also, both Buddhist and Hindus believe in an omnipotent being who created the universe. Despite the different names given to him, God is God.  Atheists believe that there not a supernatural force in the universe.  There is religion and there is atheism, they are exact opposites. Last time I checked, Buddhism was a religion.  Again, your logic is ignorant and flawed.

Failure to respond forfeits your right to an argument. For me, it will give lie to all that you have said. It will also prove me right in my opinion that you are a fool.

Scouting for All's Response

May 6, 2003

Young man, you spout an awful lot of damnation and hellfire.

I believe that you need an answer.

First, you quote what you call the old testament.  Are you Jewish or is it just convenient to go there, though you do not follow it?

Of course you miss quoted it.  I doubt you even understand it. 

This gay man can read it in Hebrew as well as English. 

Let's start from the beginning:

'Should understand the principles that the Boy Scouts of America were founded upon. They were founded upon the principles
of the Holy Bible:"


They were based on mankind thinking.  For instance it says "a scout is reverent.  He attends the house of worship of
his choice," you see of his choice.  That means that BSA will not try to influence him to one religion.  Your holy bible is not my Torah or someone's Koran or.....well you should get the point.

Did you ever read Leviticus?  You quoted from it.  It speaks of fathers killing children for disobeying and stoning women.  You would not even think of accepting those verses but for your own twisted convience you misquote the one phrase "Thou shall not lie with a man as a women for it is an abomination upon you." 

It speaks of the lieings of a women because anal sex was quite acceptable then.  No where does it condemn oral sex.  Not in my bible.  So you see, you misquote and generalize when you do not even know what you are talking about. 

When misinformed people like you condemn others and damn them they never use their names.  I guess along with homophobia goes cowardess.

Oh yes.  I am an eagle scout and Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow.  I am also in scouting for 54 years.  Were you even born then.  My scouting did not speak of sex, no less through people out for their beliefs.  My scouting would not refuse membership to a young child because he has to mothers.  My Scouting knew that the words Morally Straight meant to stand
by your brother scout and not desert him in his time of need.  Now here you come and tell me that I do not belong.  Arrogance to.  Have you seen the light my brother?  I think not.  Not with your attitude blind hatred.

Howard Menzer, Southwestern Regional Director
Scouting for All

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