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Action Alert
For Immediate Release
July 16, 2003
Scouting for All
Scott Cozza, Pres. Scouting for All

Boycott Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Provides Financial Support To The Boy Scouts of America. Scouting for All Asks That You Write To Delta Airlines Telling them That You Will No Longer Use Delta Until Delta STOPS Supporting The BSA Who Discriminates Against Gay (LGBT) and Atheist Youth And Adults.

Please Send Letters to:

Delta Airlines Incorporated
PO Box 20706
Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001
Tel: 1-800-335-8241

Charity of the Quarter

Delta celebrated the fifth anniversary of the successful SkyWishTM program by launching the "Charity of the Quarter" miles donation program, an enhancement to SkyWish which furthers Delta's commitment to help worthy charities through mileage donations and the worldwide travel it provides. The program rotates select charitable organizations on a quarterly basis
and is designed to spotlight additional charities who can benefit from SkyWish's mileage donation program and make a difference in someone's life.

Each SkyWish Charity of the Quarter is compatible with Delta's corporate mission to support organizations that promote youth wellness, youth leadership development and cultural advocacy. Delta's SkyWish is the only airline program with this unique, rotating element, aimed at broadening the impact of SkyMiles and its members' philanthropy.

Third Quarter 2003, July 1 - September 30, 2003

Boy Scouts of America
Delta is proud to support the Boy Scouts of America, the nation's foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training.

Founded in 1910, the mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Annually, the Boy Scouts of America serves over 5,000,000 youth and over 1.3 million adult volunteers nationwide.

Young people receive the benefits of the traditional BSA programs, such as Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing-our co-educational program for young men and women ages 14 to 21-as well as our in school character education program, Learning for Life. All programs and activities of the Boy Scouts of America are designed to build stronger families, stronger
communities and a better future for our nation's young people.

Enabling young people to make wise choices as they grow is a mission the BSA takes very seriously. You can make a difference by donating your SkyMiles to the Boy Scouts of America through Delta's SkyWish program. For every 5,000 donated miles, Delta will contribute an additional 1,000 miles. The donated miles will be used in support of Scouting's national
reach to serve youth, families and communities across America. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit, or call 800-920-0443.

PressRelease / Action Alert
For Immediate Release and Distribution
June 11, 2003
Scott Cozza, Pres.
Scouting for All National Office
Tel: 707-778-0564

Cradle of Liberty Council Kicks Out Gay Scout After Announcing It Had Adopted An Anti-discrimination Policy Which Protected Gay Youth and Adults

Greg Lattera, Life Scout, had only his Eagle project to complete before becoming an Eagle Scout was kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America simply because he is gay and an atheist.

Scouting for All gives the Boy Scouts of America's Roy Williams, Chief Scout Executive the "BULLY" Merit Badge and Cradle of Liberty Council the Merit Badge for "Cowardice"

Chief Scout Executive Roy Williams Reprimands Scout Executive William Dwyer of Cradle of Liberty Council

San Francisco--Scouting for All has learned that Scout Executive William Dwyer, of the Cradle of Liberty Council, was soundly reprimanded by BSA National leadership in a closed door meeting during the BSA's recent National Scout Council Conference May 28-31 in Philadelphia. The result of the reprimand has been a complete watering down of the Council's brave
attempt at a strong anti-discrimination policy, to the discriminatory and ambiguous, "don't ask, don't tell," policy.

 Prior to the reprimand, the Cradle of Liberty Council's executive committee adopted an anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation, protecting the rights of gay (GLBT) youth and adults in their traditional scouting units.  In doing so the Council asserted a long-held Scouting convention which states that each individual council has the right to select its own leadership. But in recent years BSA National has taken it upon itself to decide for the councils whom they can and cannot
have as leaders and exactly which kind of youth can be included and excluded from the Scouting program.

"In succumbing to pressure from BSA National, the Cradle of Liberty Council violated its own Scout Oath and did not have the strength of character to stand by its newly adopted policy," said Scott Cozza, President of Scouting for All. "We can only hope that someday soon there will be a groundswell of moral courage within the ranks of regular Scouting itself, that will be strong enough to overcome the bigotry of BSA National.  That is what we are all working for," Cozza concluded.

 BSA National Chief Scout Executive Roy Williams sent the following memorandum to Scout Councils throughout the country after the Cradle of Liberty Council's Executive Committee's attempt to decide for themselves which leadership would best serve their own children's needs.  The Cradle of Liberty's attempt to be inclusive of all youth and adults regardless of orientation is obviously seen as threatening to BSA National, and attempts to quash further uprisings seem to be the purpose of this memorandum.


To: Scout Executives

From: Roy L. Williams, Chief Scout Executive

Subject: Cradle of Liberty Council
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It has been reported that the Cradle of Liberty Council in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, adopted a membership policy that was contrary to our national leadership standards. As a condition of their charter, no local council is permitted to depart from BSA membership policies. We are unaware of any council that is not in compliance.

In order to clear up any misunderstanding, attached is the Cradle of Liberty Council's position statement regarding the leadership standards of the Boy Scouts of America....


 This memorandum makes it clear yet again that BSA National is determined
to isolate their organization from the prevailing understanding, that is that being gay has nothing to do with determining a person's moral integrity. 

 Those organizations that continue to fund the Boy Scouts of America can no longer deny that the Boy Scouts of America discriminates and further, that they compel those in their organization who are not bigoted, to comply or else face recrimination.

 As stated in the Williams Memorandum, all Scout Councils bar none adhere to the national policy.  Funders who are willing to give money to the BSA are themselves complicit in the discrimination, bigotry, and narrowness of thinking that is rampant within this once great organization.

 Call to Action:

 If you are a BSA funder, stop funding this organization now.  Comply with your own anti-discrimination standards and tell the BSA that in order to receive funding they cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or atheist belief.

 If you support a charitable organization such as the United Way, write to them asking that funding STOP until the BSA rescinds its policy of discrimination. You can locate your local United Way by going to

 Check to see if your city, state or our federal government is funding the BSA or granting the BSA special privileges. Advocate that special privileges to the BSA cease. Write, send e-mails, and call your representatives today.  You can be a  positive force for change.

For further information on what you can do, go to the  web page and click on the National Campaign menu on our home page. Our work has just begun.

Scott Cozza, Pres.
Scouting for All

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