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June 21, 2003

Former Scout Leader Lehman Holder writes: If being gay isn't a lifestyle, then what is it?

Batch replies:
Dear Lehman,

"Swinging" is a lifestyle ...
... a choice of folks to be sexually active with more than one partner -- perhaps to "swap."

"Rich &Famous" is a lifestyle (says Robin Leach),
... a choice of folks to display wealth and possessions in an ostentatious manner.

Is "Heterosexual" a lifestyle?

When did you CHOOSE "the heterosexual lifestyle?" Do you think you could choose NOT to be heterosexual??

If heterosexuals are celebate, are they still heterosexual?? If so, then "being gay" has nothing to do with having sex. If it has nothing to do with having sex, how is it a "lifestyle?"

Name some behaviors peculiar to the "gay lifestyle." (Name ONE behavior peculiar to the "gay lifestyle.")

RE: "The Heterosexual Lifestyle"
Have you ever, in your life, heard of someone referred to as "Living the Heterosexual Lifestyle??"

What's one example of the "heterosexual lifestyle??"


The point is that people who condemn homosexuality call it a "lifestyle" allowing them to imply it is a choice, like "swinging" or "rich-&-famous." This is key to their judgment that homosexuals are sinners who choose homosexuality.

RE: Religion
MEANWHILE, one's religion truly IS a choice. Still, most agree that freedom of religion should be protected, and that folks suffering anti-religious crimes (having Swastikas painted on their homes) are victims of a "hate crime" (to be distinguished from painting a happy face on someone's house, which is simply grafitti or defacing property.)

Should the condition of being homosexual NOT receive the same considerations and protections as freedom of religion?????

Consider: If a gay couple's house is painted with the word "FAGGOTS" do they have a case to prosecute within "hate crime" statutes, or is "FAGGOTS" just "grafitti" and defacing property, like "GO COWBOYS" ??? (Hate crimes, of course, are acts intended to "SEND A MESSAGE" not just to the victims, but to their whole community. As......"Niggers be out of town by sunset.")

Barb &I are acquainted with some gay and lesbian folks.

If one did not drive, and you drove them to the airport where the other departed on a trip, would they kiss each other g'bye in your presence ?? Or would they fear your judgments, and refrain from kissing b'bye?

Is kissing one's partner g'bye an example of the "gay lifestyle?"

.... the BSA as an organization has never, to my knowledge, made any judgments regarding the way gays live their lives ...

... aside from calling their lives a sinful abomination and an unacceptable example for Boy Scouts.

Some may interpret gays being restricted from joining as a "judgement."

Was exclusion of Jews from the Oklahoma City Country Club in any way "judgmental??"

How do you think exclusion of Jews from the Oklahoma City Country Club affected Jews?? Do you think it caused emotional injury to them or their children ??

Those "Country Club Christians" might say, "We don't judge Jews -- we just don't agree with their lifestyle." ???

The issue, to me, is that the BSA has been unable to reconcile its principles and values with what BSA perceives those of gays to be.

What values of gays do you refer to?

Name one.

Lehman Onward,


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