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LETTER: Supporting diversity

Sebastopol City Council

Sonoma West
Sept 4, 2003

(Editor's note: The Sebastopol City Council voted to send this letter to the Redwood Empire Council and to the National Exec Board of the Boy Scouts of America on Sept. 2.)

REDWOOD EMPIRE COUNCIL: We, the undersigned, support Sebastopol Venture Crew 488's courageous efforts to have their charter reinstated after their application was denied for refusing to remove their anti-discrimination statement.

The Boys Scouts of America now has a policy of exclusion on the basis of sexual orientation, as well as a longstanding policy of exclusion on the basis of religion. Most other countries do not have this kind of discrimination in their scouting. Many people have been expelled from scouting because they are gay, atheist, or just for verbally standing up against discrimination.

As the Boy Scouts of America has a federal charter, your organization should not be allowed to discriminate no matter what the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled.

By denying the opportunity for all to participate in scouting, you are robbing young and old from participating in a wonderful organization, and are robbing yourselves of the diversity that makes this country great.

Please reconsider your denial of Venture Crew 488's charter, and take an active role to lobby your national organization's discrimination policies.

Craig Litwin, Sebastopol Mayor
Linda Kelley, Sebastopol Vice Mayor
Larry Robinson, Sebastopol Councilmember
Sam Spooner, Sebastopol Councilmember
Bob Anderson, Sebastopol Councilmember


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