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Former Attorney General Edwin Meese and Scouting Legal Defense Fund Join the Boy Scouts of America's Deceptive Campaign for Funding

The Cover Letter:

From the Desk of
Former Attorney General
Edwin Meese

Dear Concerned American:

Today there is a war being fought. A war over principles, morals and values. A war over the very soul of America. On one side stands the Boy Scouts of America -- and on the other the liberal ACLU. Who do you stand with?

I hope you will stand with me and the Scouting Legal Defense Fund. I am proud to serve as Chairman of this wonderful organization. I am proud that we are protecting a great American institution like the Boy Scouts of America. And I will be proud to stand side by side with you in support of our Scouts!

I pray everyday for our nations young men. I pray that liberal extremists like the ACLU will not tear apart this noble organization that has molded and shaped so many fine men. And I also pray that Americans like you will join me in this battle to ensure that the Boy Scouts continue to stand for the principles that make it so great.

I once took a lot of heat for calling the ACLU the "criminal's lobby" but I think once you read the enclosed letter from my good friend Bob Carleson you'll agree with my statement.

I hope that you're willing to help us fight to uphold the values of the Boy Scouts or America. Please know, that your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you for being an American Patriot!

God bless,


Ed Meese

Click Here for Bob Carleson's Letter (.pdf format, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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