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Press Release
December 8, 2003
For Immediate Release and Distribution
Please Distribute to the media and Scouting for All supporters
Contact: Scott Cozza, Pres.
National S4A Tel: 707-778-0564

Scouting for All Asks President Bush To Step Down As The Honorary President Of The Boy Scouts of America

October 10, 2003

Dear President Bush,

Scouting for All joins with you in wanting "No Child Left Behind", as you stated in your Education bill and your 2003 State of the Union Address. I ask you, as honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America, to have the BSA join you in ensuring that gay and atheist children are not left behind by the Boy Scouts of America. The current national leadership of the BSA, located in your own home state of Texas excludes membership to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and atheist children and adults.

As an Eagle Scout, representing Scouts throughout the United States and throughout the world and supporters of Scouting for All. We believe in social justice and see the diversity of the human family as a strength that we cherish and nurture. We ask you to renounce your title as Honorary
President of the Boy Scouts of America until the BSA makes open its ranks to all Americans based on their commitment to the principles of Scouting and not the politics of discrimination. By doing this, you ensure the integrity of your office and stand for all of our children to the exclusion of none. To represent the BSA in their current bigotry is to dishonor your role as a public servant of the people.

President Bush, we ask for your action to ensure the care of all children - including gay and atheist - and truly live up to your slogan "No Child Left Behind".

Steven Cozza, Eagle Scout, cofounder Scouting for All
Cc: Laura Bush, First Lady

President Bush Ignores The Discrimination of The Boy Scouts of America Toward Gay and Atheist Youth

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