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Here's my letter to Governor Warner of the State of Virginia: State Government Should Not Be Supporting A Discriminatory Organization, Boy Scouts of America

Dear Governor Warner,

It is unfortunately my sad duty to ask you to rescind HB923 honoring the Boy Scouts of America through your
state commemorative license plate program.

As you are doubtless aware, the Boy Scouts of America have won their right to discriminate in America per the U.S. Supreme Court in the year 2000. See: People world-wide want to move to the United States for the freedom it affords its citizens and the freedom from most discrimination.

The Boy Scouts of America is now a tarnished organization. If you truly search your own feelings, (and not let others? bigotry or discriminatory beliefs influence you) you know that the Boy Scouts, by omission, teach hate and bigotry to all its Scouting youth and leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America also tells gay and atheist youth that they are second class citizens. This is truly a crime. Imagine, as a child, an organization blatantly told you that you were a second class citizen because of the color of your hair or some other God given trait. You'd remember this for the rest of your life.

It is time to for all people in the U.S. to stop fighting against each other. "All men are created equal" is stated in the Declaration of Independence. Equal rights for everyone. Period. Is the Boy Scouts of America above the law?

It obvious that the Boy Scouts of America believe that some men are better than others and they proved they
believe this, by going to the U.S. Supreme Court and fighting for their right to discriminate.

As a public servant, you promised to represent everyone without regard to race, religion or sexual orientation; how can you in good conscience promote an entity that doesn?t?

Please do not allow the Boy Scouts of America, A DISCRIMINATORY YOUTH ORGANIZATION, to be part of your commemorative license plate program.

Michael Hampson
(Eagle Scout, 1976, Troop 320 Currently Troop 1320), Peters Township, PA)

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