Recognize Gay and Atheist Scouts and All
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Non-Theist Youth

Scouting for All's 8th National Recogition of Gay and Atheist Scout and All Gay and Atheist Youth Month

Events Throughout October 2007

BSA Spokesman Says Hate Rallies Won't Change Boy Scouts' Policy

WA State Governor and Eagle Scout Gary Locke Supports Scouting for All

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Scouting for All's 8th National Recogition of Gay and Atheist Scout and All Gay and Atheist Youth Month


National Recognition of Gay Scouts and All GLBT And Non-theist Youth Month

"We will no longer tolerate our gay youth having to remain invisible out of fear. We will continue to work with other concerned individuals and groups in a united effort towards helping to create a society where our gay youth can feel safe to be who they have come blessed to be."

Scouting For All Board of Directors, Volunteers and Members


The purpose of Scouting for All's National Annual GLBT Celebration / Rally is twofold

  1. to get the Boy Scouts of America to rescind its discriminatory policy of discrimination against gay and atheist youth and adults and to recognize and
  2. support GLBT youth. Each year a new theme will be selected. This will mark Scouting For All's 6th National Annual Celebration/Rally. Our first year's theme was "Give voice by protesting the Supreme Court James Dale / BSA Decision." Our first rally lead to the creation of Scouting For All's National Campaign and our Scouting for All's Alliance for Human Rights. The Alliance is made up of individual grassroots organizers, community based organizations, and national organization, all coming together to stand in some way against the Boy Scouts of America's policy of discrimination.

The celebration and or rally gives participants a voice to acknowledge, recognize, and embrace GLBT youth with an empowering message. This event will be the vehicle to give voice to this embracing and healing message. This annual event occurs across the U.S.A. and internationally.

Scouting For All's National Campaign (

S4A's National Campaign is our national strategy to get the BSA to rescind its policy of discrimination. It calls for the following actions:

  1. Individuals who Believe in Justice for All outside of Scouting to speak out in opposition of the BSA policy.
  2. BSA Members, Scout Units, Sponsors, Council to speak out in opposition of the BSA policy. Silence equals collusion with the discriminatory practice of the BSA.
  3. We are asking funders such as the United Way and businesses to NOT fund any organization which discriminates against any segment of our society.
  4. We are asking schools and government to NOT support any organization which discriminates against any segment of our society.
  5. We are asking religious groups, congregations and denominations to say NO to the BSA's policy of discrimination against our gay youth, adults and atheists.

Goals (the list is not in any order of priority)

  1. To draw media attention on a national level to the needs of GLBT youth
  2. To enlist national support to further implement our National Campaign
  3. To inspire new support to begin to implement our National Campaign in new locations
  4. To continue to give the BSA the message that their policy hurts youth, especially gay youth
  5. To continue to give the BSA the message we are not giving up in the name of social justice and in honor of our gay youth
  6. To acknowledge gay youth exist and that we must create a society that embraces them
  7. To encourage GSAs, Gay Straight Alliance Clubs in every high school in America, GSAs build bridges
  8. To help reclaim Scouting back to its core values as taught in the Scout Oath and Law
  9. To increase the Scouting For All Alliance for Human Rights membership and the S4A organization's membership / volunteers
  10. To provide support to gay scouts and adult leaders throughout the United States of America
  11. To continue to give a national voice to the issue of discrimination against our gay and non-theist youth
  12. To gather signatures for our "No Child Left Behind" postcards. We plan on giving to Pres. Bush
  13. To continue to gather signatures for Steven's petition which is an educational tool to inform others of the BSA's bigoted policy
  14. To provide advocacy for atheist and non-theist scouts and adult leaders
  15. To educate the public that atheists and other non-theists have morals and are people like anyone else. They should be afforded the same human rights that all people should experience in American society.


The event takes place in the communities of each organizer in every state in the United States of America and internationally. Some will hold protest rallies at local Scout Councils, United Ways, School Districts, City Councils, Businesses and at Religious Denominations that continue to support the BSA's policy of exclusion. Some organizers will organize events that celebrate being GLBT. These celebrations can include fundraisers for GLBT youth groups such as GSAs, dances, showings of the Scouts Honor film, etc.


The Scouting For All Alliance for Human Rights Coordinator will be the National Annual GLBT Celebration/Rally Coordinator. This person will coordinate the effort throughout the United States and Internationally with the assistance of the Scouting for All Regional Directors and the Scouting For All Alliance members.

All individual grassroots organizers, community based groups, and national / international organizations who establish a Celebration and or Rally in their area will be listed by state and city and or country on the Scouting for All web page with their contact information, under the title - S4A's National Annual Celebration/Rally: National Recognition of Gay Scouts and All GLBT And Non-theist Youth Month The listing will help each group generate support in their area. Make sure you sign up as a celebration/rally organizer.


Scouting For All upon request, will assist all Rally site coordinators with media press releases and action alerts as will as helping to locate volunteers / members in their respective areas.


The Celebration/Rally will be held during October, 2006, throughout the month. The time will vary according to the schedule of each participant.

Scouting For All's National Annual Celebration/Rally for GLBT Youth Coordinator:

Scott Cozza, Pres

707-778-0564 or Email Scott Cozza

Also please contact your region's S4A Regional Director by clicking your region on the map on the S4A home page. For international Celebration/Rally organizers contact S4A through the email address: for assistance.

Scouting For All is requesting that Rally organizers send us 1-3 photos of your Celebration and or Rally to post on the S4A web page in our Photo Gallery. Send to: Scouting for All, PO Box 2832, Petaluma, CA 94953-2832

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