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Activist Groups Urge Obama to Reject Boy Scout Honor

From Fox News:

Activist groups, including Scouting for All, urge President Obama not to accept the honorary Presidency of the Boy Scouts of America until they stop discriminating.

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Stop Anti-Gay Adoption Bills NOW.


Stop Anti-Gay Adoption Bills NOW.
Two discriminatory adoption bills passed the Michigan House of Representatives today, September 5. House Bills 5908 & 5909, basically would allow adoption agencies to officially deny placement of children with parents of minorities or anyone they have a "moral objection" to. These bills are discriminatory, unnecessary and will hurt children by limiting the number of adoptive families who want to provide a loving safe home. ACT NOW to stop House Bills 5908 & 5909.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Your State Senator (if you live in Michigan)
Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Urgent: Vote NO on House Bill 5908 & 5909
Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],
Please vote "no" on House Bills 5908 & 5909.

These so-called "conscientious objector" bills pave the way for discrimiation, they hurt children by limiting the number of potential adoptive parents, and they are unnecessary because private adoption agencies already have discretion in who they accept for adoptions.

These bills would be bad policy for Michigan and for children. Officially writing into law a way to discriminate is wrong.

Please vote "no" on House Bills 5908 & 5909.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

What's At Stake:
These bills would force taxpayers to subsidize discrimination.

HB 5908 & 5909 state that adoption agencies that discriminate may still use state funds and resources to run their agency. The bills broadly state that agencies can deny the placement of a child to parents they have religious or moral objections to, regardless if the adoptive family are good parents. Private adoption agencies may have discretion in who they discriminate against but they should not be rewarded with taxpayer money when they do so.

Adoption should be made easier, not more difficult.

There are 18,000 children in Michigan needing a safe and healthy home with parents who love and care for them. Now is not the time to limit otherwise qualified parents from adopting. These bills are anti-family because they stop families from forming and deny children a better life.

They are unnecessary because most agencies already have tremendous discretion.

Private adoption agencies do not need this legislation to enable them to follow their moral or religious beliefs. These bills are unnecessary and only serve to attack the gay and lesbian community.

These bills allow for discrimination and aim to violate existing state law.

Civil rights laws were passed specifically to stop this type of behavior. Recently Michigan legislators introduced similar bill that would allow doctors and medical professional to deny medical treatment to people they don't like.

This is totally in violation of the Hippocratic Oath. Current civil rights laws in Michigan prevent discrimination but bills like HB 5908 & 5909 threaten to dismantle civil rights protections that took a long time to achieve for racial, religious and sexual minorities.

These bills will benefit no one while hurting many.

No one will benefit from this legislation, however many people will feel attacked, divided, insulted and restricted from wanting to provide for children needing a home.

Campaign Expiration Date:
December 31, 2006




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