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Activist Groups Urge Obama to Reject Boy Scout Honor

From Fox News:

Activist groups, including Scouting for All, urge President Obama not to accept the honorary Presidency of the Boy Scouts of America until they stop discriminating.

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Suggestions for Leading a Protest

1. Inform the police in your area of your intention to have a protest and give them the location, date and time. You may need a permit.

2. Call your local paper and inform them of the protest location, date and time.

3. Be creative. Make signs on poster board and use big markers in dark colors to get your message across. If you do not have the funds to do this, simply march and start a group chant. We have been singing, "Scouting is for all," to the tune of, "we shall overcome."

3. March back and forth in front of the council office where the police have okayed you to be.

4. If you have a large enough group, you may be able to interest local celebrities to participate as speakers. This is not necessary for the protest to be successful, but it is just something to consider.

5. If only one person is present to protest you become a voice, a physical presence for human rights. Let us all dig down deep inside and find the courage, the compassion, the heart, and the love to stand forth and be counted. We mustn't turn our backs on our gay scouts, our gay youth. Come join us in this day when we all hold the line together for human rights!

Ideas for posters

B. S. A. stands for - Bigoted Scouts of America

The BSA has been "outed" as a bigoted organization

The religious fundamentalist have taken over the BSA

President Clinton says, "It is un-American for an American to discriminate against another American" You decide if the BSA is acting un-American

The BSA just teaches us Scouts to discriminate

Matthew Shepard was murdered by an Eagle Scout

"How can the BSA, which is supposed to represent the very best in our society embrace the very worst, bigotry and discrimination." Steven Cozza, Eagle Scout

Let's take back the BSA from the Religious fundamentalists

The BSA violates their own Scout Law and Oath with their practice of discrimination

Scouting: Friendly, Courteous, Kind to Gay Youth?
(Part of the Scout Law is to be "friendly, courteous, kind.")

BSA's message murdered Matthew Shepherd and Brandon Teena

Roy Williams: Tell it to my mother's face

Self-esteem for all youth

Stand up, speak up: A Scout is Brave

Scouting teaches prejudice

BSA: Straight and Narrow

"On my honor, I will do my duty to God..." (a quote from the Scout oath)
...and not judge others
...and help the oppressed
...and love my neighbor

I love Scouting & I love my boyfriend

More Suggestions for Organizing a Protest from a Scouting For All supporter!!!

I am very impressed with the work that you continue to do. Its importance extends far beyond the world of Scouting (although that is a very important world, indeed).

I am a Media Specialist and a sponsor of a lesbian and gay student organization at a community college in St. Louis. As such I would like to make some recommendations to individuals choosing to carry signs while protesting in front of BSA headquarters. This is gleaned from my MBA studies in marketing and from attending and participating in other protests. Please feel free to include these recommendations in your web page and/or edit them as you see fit:

* Keep the words on signs short and easy to read. No one is going to be able to read eloquent discourse while traveling at 35 to 65 MPH. You can't read tiny letters on your TV screen or in pictures in the newspaper. Learn from all those billboards on the highway. Less is more!
* Use large, high contrast letters that can easily be read from 25 to 75+ feet away. If it can't be read from that distance, you may be wasting your time. Use the power of computers to make your letter large and with simple fonts.
* When marching, hold the signs up so they can easily be read. About 25% to 50% of signs in some protests can't be read. That's a waste of your message, energy and time. We've all got a job to do so let's do it right.
* Think in terms of "sound bites." Corporations and politicians spend millions of dollars on sound bites because they know that they work. Think of how what you say or have on your sign would look in print, seen on TV, or said by a reporter. Then come up with a few short, strong messages that will cut through the media "clutter" that's out there. Make it memorable!
* Stay away from obscenities and other verbage that can backfire on you. Remember that the focus needs to be on how the BSA leadership hurts kids. You don't want to be portrayed negatively like followers of Fred Phelps who carry signs proclaiming "God Hates Fags."
* If you will be using chants, think them out carefully ahead of time. Have them printed up on half pages of paper to pass out. They can also include other useful info on them like web addresses, plans for future activities, "factoids" about BSA, etc. Make the chants easy to say, easy to understand (when chanted by a large group), memorable, and have a few that are also fun!. The old "Two...Four...Six...Eight......." and its variations can be very effective. Also effective is the chant "Shame...Shame...Shame!" while pointing your finger at the BSA headquarters. Be creative.
* Start the protest with a short speech (5 to 15 minutes MAX!) and end with a quick wrap-up. Make sure you have a good
bullhorn or PA system with fresh batteries. If people can't hear what you are saying, you are wasting their time and showing them disrespect. Tell people why they are there, what you will be doing, give a few ground rules, and thank them for their support. Then after the marching protest, give a short speech, thank them for their support, and tell them how they can contact you for future activities.

Now for just a few suggestions for the signs: BSA Hurts Gay Kids; BSA Teaches Hatred and Lies; BSA Preaches Bigotry and Homophobia; BSA Leaders Disgrace Scouting; BSA Leaders Have No Honor; BSA Unfair To Gay Kids; BSA: Why Do You Preach Hatred?; Bigoted Scouts of America; BSA Leaders Trash the Scouting Oath; BSA Promotes Bigotry and Hatred; BSA Bashes Gay Kids; Shame on BSA; Gay Scouts Are NOT "Unclean"; Gay Scouts Are NOT "Immoral"; BSA: Stop the Hate, Stop the Lies; BSA: Why Do You Hate Gay Kids?

As a final thought, has the Eagle Scout who murdered Matthew Shepherd ever been sanctioned by the BSA? If not, why not? If so, the BSA can kick out a gay scout but not say a word about another scout who would murder him. This might need to be followed up on. It has some real media possibilities.




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