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National Religious and Atheist Outreach Coordinator

The National Religious and Atheist Outreach Coordinator is a multifaceted volunteer position. The primary function of the Coordinator is to work with national religious and atheist leaders/groups as they seek to redefine their relationships with the BSA. It is the R.A.O.C.'s job to provide information, guidance and resources (i.e. pamphlets, video tapes, petitions) to religious and atheist groups as requested. On a more pro-active level, the R.A.O.C. actively seeks to contact representatives from the various religious and atheist organizations in an effort to educate them on the Scouting for All position, offering ideas on how to voice dissent, and providing support when they decide to take action. The following are the primary duties and policies of the NRAOC: The RAOC reports to the Scouting For All Board of Directors either in person or through a written report each month at the Scouting For All Board meeting. The RAOC handles all info e-mails pertaining to religious and atheist outreach, delegating as necessary. The RAOC works to empower individual religious groups to stand behind their synagogues or church's inclusiveness policy and to see that the policy extends to their sponsorship of troops. The RAOC aids in writing inclusiveness statements for religious and atheist organizations as requested. The RAOC speaks at religious and atheist conferences, general assemblies and synods - running workshops and participating in panel discussions at said events. The RAOC contributes to the Religious and Atheist section of the web page and updates it as needed. The RAOC is responsible for maintaining and facilitating the S4A Religious and Atheist e- group. Must also make a monthly report of the on-going nature of the group as well as membership in the group. The RAOC works closely with Regional directors and apprises them of synagogue/church and atheist organization activity in their respective areas. The RAOC is instrumental in recruiting new Alliance members from the religious and atheist arena.

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Approved by the Scouting for All Board
May 13, 2005 as written by Terilynn Bench, Board Member

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