Job Description

Newsletter Editor

The Purpose of the Scouting For All Newsletter is to inform all members of the latest developments, upcoming events, and pertinent news, relevant to Scouting For All.

The responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor are as follows:

  1. Assign articles to be written by appropriate individuals;
  2. Compile articles and updates into appropriate format for publishing;
  3. Research article topics to be published in the newsletter;
  4. Update Events and Rainbow Roll within the newsletter;
  5. Remain in contact with the board, members and volunteers, particularly on the email stream;
  6. Provide a report to the board for the monthly board meeting on the status of the newsletter;
  7. Communicate and Coordinate with the Database Coordinator; and
  8. Attend semiannual Board meetings and hold trainings as needed in order to most effectively utilize the newsletter.

The Newsletter Editor has implied permission to edit all articles and updates as he/she sees fit, and to adjust for content, size, and space constraints. however, all editorial commentary must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors, as the Newsletter is the Official record of Scouting For All and must
accurately reflect the views of the organization as a whole.

The Newsletter Editor is granted a separate subbudget as one of the projects within the larger annual budget of Scouting For All. This subbudget may be revised at the same time as the organizational budget is established for the next fiscal year.

The Newsletter Editor may attend trainings and workshops which will increase the effectiveness of the published newsletter, as well as his/her writing and editorial abilities. Such events and attendant expenses must be approved by the Board in advance, and may be reimbursed as per the Scouting for All expense

The Newsletter Editor is a member of the board ex officio with no voting power. The Editor reports directly to the secretary of the Board of Directors, who may represent him/her at board meetings.

*written by Scott Pusillo, Newsletter Editor as amended and approved by the
Scouting For All Board of Directors on 4/19/01